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Recall When USF Basketball Coach Was Hired, Then Unhired?

It may seem like ancient memory now, but before the University of South Florida hired the men’s basketball coach they hired before Brian Gregory, Orlando Antigua, multiple media outlets announced that the Bulls had hired then-Manhattan coach Steve Masiello.

The trouble is that Masiello said he had a master’s degree that he never finished. And if there is one thing you cannot do an be affiliated with an institution of higher education, it’s lying about the degrees you have.

“Manhattan coach Steve Masiello never graduated from the University of Kentucky, as is indicated on his résumé, and his providing the false information eliminated him from getting the South Florida job.”
UK: Steve Masiello didn’t graduate, ESPN.com

Later in the story:

“Louisville spokesman Kenny Klein told ESPN.com that when Masiello was hired in 2005, the school conducted criminal background checks, but he wasn’t aware if the school verified college degrees. Since 2010, however, Klein said Louisville began more extensive background checks on new hires, which included verifying academic credentials.”
UK: Steve Masiello didn’t graduate, ESPN.com

One thing is clear: If you are closely affiliated with a university, and you have publicly lied about the degree(s) you hold, the university must sever all ties with you.

If a university knows about credential falsification and fails to act, then it is a scandal of much greater proportion.

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